Space Opera: The fun side of sci-fi

November 22, 2017


As much as I can appreciate hard science fiction stories like The Martian, my heart lies with space opera.


Ever since Star Wars got it's hooks in me, I'm always looking for daring adventure, quick-witted dialogue and an exciting story that drives me from page to page.


What technology makes a lightsaber work? Who cares? It's awesome. I'd rather be thrown into the middle of a lightsaber duel than have a lengthy exposition on the inner workings of a kyber crystal and plasma blade. 


Of course, I'm not saying I don't mind sci-fi attempting to ground itself in plausible science and technology. I think Michael Crichton was great at doing this without detracting from the energy and pace of the story. In fact, Crichton's book Sphere is one of my all time favorite sci-fi books.


Space opera has a stronger draw for me not because of the lack of scientific or technological explanation but because of it's strict adherence to telling a great story. With great space opera, every page is devoted to capturing the readers attention and never letting go. It's all about the reader. The story. The adventure. And that's why I go back to it every time. 

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