A nerdy nobody is heaven's newest hero. It's too bad that the devil fights dirty…

Chris Loury is penniless and painfully geeky. So when the struggling illustrator makes a wish that grants him supernatural visions, the lines start to blur between his comics and reality. After he crosses paths with a protector who calls himself an angel, Chris must decide if being a hero is worth the danger.


When his newfound confidence helps him connect with the girl-next-door, he hopes he can balance a relationship and a superhuman secret. But after a devilishly gorgeous woman with money and an ulterior motive tempts him with career success and fame, he puts his crush, his town, and his life in jeopardy.


Will Chris fulfill his destiny and save the city from destruction?


Paranormia is an enthralling urban fantasy adventure. If you like underdog heroes, supernatural battles, and a dash of humor, then you’ll love Paul Regnier’s action-packed novel.


Buy Paranormia to join the battle between heaven and hell today!

Paranormia Complex

When demonic forces attack his city, can a lone comic bookstore employee stand against them?

Graphic novelist Chris Loury uncovers a supernatural threat to his community. As a result, he and his girlfriend Amber end up in the crosshairs of spiritual warfare. Finchelus, his quirky angelic guardian, promises aid, but his sporadic appearances offer little assurance. After the last supernatural encounter nearly took his life, Chris is reluctant to dance with the devil a second time.

Things escalate quickly when a hooded figure with red eyes and superhuman strength stalks Chris. As he survives one attack after another, the dark spirits grow stronger. When they launch deadly attacks on his friends and land Chris in the hospital, he fears this supernatural battle is beyond him.

Can Chris save his girlfriend, his city, and his own life from the gathering demonic storm?

Paranormia Complex is a riveting urban fantasy adventure. If you like underdog heroes, supernatural battles, and a healthy dose of comedy, then you’ll love Paul Regnier’s action-packed novel.

Space Drifters trilogy


The Space Drifters series is a science fiction adventure comedy, falling into the sub-genre of space opera or science fantasy. If Guardians of the Galaxy, Firefly, The Stainless Steel Rat, and Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy are stories you enjoy, Space Drifters should be right up your alley. 

Space Drifters: The Emerald Enigma

Space heroes or cosmic rejects?

Captain Glint Starcrost is not having the carefree, adventurous life the space academy brochures promised star pilots.

Broke, with an unreliable star freighter and a bounty on his head, Glint is desperate enough to try anything. Even set out on a quest to find a fabled good luck charm, the Emerald Enigma.

Now for a crew. A passive aggressive ship computer, a peaceable alien warrior, and time-traveling teen from the past aren’t what he had in mind. But they’ll have to do.

The Emerald Enigma won’t wait forever and neither will the bounty hunter tracking him.

Space Drifters The Iron Gauntlet cover
Space Drifters: The Iron Gauntlet

Reality check.

No good-luck charm can help Captain Glint Starcrost out of this no-holds-barred reality show. The Iron Gauntlet pits competitors against four of the most fearsome, fang-filled, alien fighters in the universe.


He's one of the few human challengers ever chosen to contend, but he's not alone.

A fan, a mysterious benefactor, offers Glint and his ragtag team support. The catch? If Glint loses or withdrawals from the competition, it will mean a permanent game over for his crew and the woman he loves.

Will he have the mettle to medal? Or is the game too much of a gamble?

Space Drifters The Iron Gauntlet cover
Space Drifters: The Ghost Ship

Can you steal from a ghost ship?

That's the only option for Captain Glint Starcrost. Stealing a crystalline energy source from the immense spaceship of legend known as the ghost ship is the only thing capable of saving Jasette’s planet from imminent destruction. If they’re lucky, they’ll escape with their lives . . . and Glint won’t lose the woman he loves.

The ghost ship is run by a nanotech kitten and an army of spider bots with zero tolerance for theft. To make matters worse, Mar Mar the Unthinkable, the galaxy’s most powerful gangster, wants revenge for Glint’s double-cross during their last encounter. Mar Mar sends a legion of fembots and bounty hunters to capture him dead or alive. 

With pursuers closing in, Glint and his crew must work together to survive their greatest threat and save Jasette’s planet before it’s too late.

10% of all my profits go to support a ministry close to my heart, Orphan Outreach. 



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